Q: How do I get started with my Medical state license?
A: First thing you need to do is fill out medcred pre approved online application in “full” under the Get Started link on our website, we then access your information you have gave us, once we are happy that your application requirements have been met, we then contact you, to let you know that you have been approved by medcred and meet the state board requirements you apply for.
Q: Do I have to fill out medcred pre approved application in full?
A: Yes, there is no easy way around this to get started on your License and no short cuts! We need you to full out our online application, so we can move forward on your medical state license process ASAP and we then can answer any questions addressed by the board if/when need be. Think of it this way once you fill out our pre approved application in full you will never need to do it again as we will have all your details for the future, you wish to use medcred licence's service's. or you could just fill out the Contact US page with a breif outline of what you want, then we can then let you know of what is needed by us & the medical board & what cost you will have in the state Licence process.
Q: Is my Information data safe with med cred?
A: Yes this is the most important policy we have at mind and all your personal information will be stored at a secure data bank and med cred will never give or sell "any" of your details to anybody without your written consent period!
Q: Why is your service’s fees is less than most if not all the other medical license’s companies out there?
A: Good question! And something we get ask on a daily basis. We here at Med cred run a very tight ship with our overheads and with our many loyal repeat medical License holders we have so far have been able to keep our cost down.
Q: How long does it take to get a state medical License?
A: This differs from state to state but Typically it takes 90 days but this is dependant on the physicians background and on how diligent the physician in returning signed documents to medcred & the requirements laid out by the state medical board.
Q: Can i have a copy of my packet when my license is complete?
A: Yes. But there is a Duplication fee of $50 for your board application. This cover is for all the admin expenses.
Q: Can i check my License process online?
A: Yes...you can...When we start your application, we will then give you a password to our members area on M.C website & any updates which we get will be added to your private members area. So there be no real need to call our office every other day, as your status will be updated & messages to you can also be seen by yourself only.
Q: How Much do Med Cred charge to process my state License
A: Med Cred is the Cheapest Licensing service in the usa and from start to finish we charge for Resident physicians or fellows only-$350 and just only $400 for M.Ds/ D.Os more info please go to our services page or just Contact US
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