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1 Online Form

The first step in your State Board Medical License Application process is for you to complete our online application (pdf file) located in the right hand margin of this page OR just simply go to the Contact US page and fill out the basic form, then we will get back with you asap.

Once you have filled MedCred application & Release of information forms (pdf files) located in the right hand margin, fax to us those forms along with your CV to (904)240-4211. If you would rather you could scan those documents and send them via our email address at We will review your application and get back in touch with you as soon as possible. At this stage we do not require any up-front fees from you. We will invoice you and mail you a signature packet of paperwork requiring your signature. Once payment has been received and signature packet received back, we will then apply for your license. Except for checking or monitoring at what step your packet is at in the process through the Members only section of our website, you leave the rest of the hurdles to us.

The invoice consists of a full breakdown of what charges you will incur during this process. This invoice can be utilized also for tax purposes as a form of receipt or you can turn this invoice in to be reimbursed by a prospective employer. We can even work directly with your locum tenen. If you are employed by a Locum tenen or any other employer, we can work directly with them for payment as well as assisting them in getting you credentialed at the facilities that you are planning on being affiliated with.

We also maintain all records. Our data storage is a free service to our new and old clients who holds such licenses ect and no private/personal information will ever be given/sold to anybody, unless instructed by you and we have your written consent.

Once the application has been mailed in to the prospective board, we then go to task to get all our your primary source verifications mailed to the board. We also follow up with the board to optimize the time it takes to get your board application processed as quickly as possible. All of these updates are updated regularly on your Members only account so you can monitor the progress of your application.

â—¦Researching your professional history to obtain mailing addresses and phone numbers for the purpose of verifying your credentials
â—¦Preparing your state medical license application
â—¦Shipping the completed application to you for signature
These three steps are typically completed within 1 to 5 business days of you submitting either the online or paper form.

2 Documents

In the credential verification stage of the medical license application process. Med cred will be responsible for the following:

# Preparing all required letters and forms for the purpose of verifying your credentials to the medical board

# Shipping each credential verification request to the appropriate facility

# Following up with each facility to make sure that our request is received.

3 Credential verifications

Credential Verification Med cred is responsible for requesting all of the credential verifications required to complete your medical license application. We will then do everything necessary to ensure that your credential verifications are provided to the medical board as quickly as possible. During this stage a Med Cred a licensing specialist will be responsible for the following:

# Following up with the Medical board and each facility that is verifying your affiliation to ensure that each document reaches the Medical board as quickly as possible. Med cred license services will continue to follow-up with each facility until the Medical Board has received all required documents and your license is issued.

The time frame for verifying one’s credentials can vary greatly and depends on how efficient the various facilities are at responding to our requests. It typically takes two to four weeks to verify all of a physicians credentials.

Members only
During the medical license application process, we will give you a password to enter into your very own Members Only page. The members page can only be viewed by you! This is a way to keep track of step by step information what is going on with your application. You can also, at a glance, look to see what your other license numbers, origination dates and expiration dates are. This is very convenient if you have multiple licenses and travel alot. This database also has a tracking matrix whereby it will let you know when your license is due to expire. It alerts you three months prior to expiring, then again two months prior to expiring and then finally thirty days before expiration. You then only need to contact us and let us know to renew your license.

Our service is designed to make the process of applying for a Medical License as fast and easy as possible. If you would like more information about our services please Contact US

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