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MedCred - medical licensing services is a proud and honest company made up of the most dedicated employees that is here to assist you in all of your medical license needs. We know what is needed to successful complete your State Board Medical License application. We are on your side 110% and we are here for you! Our dedication comes from over thirty years of experience in the medical field and ten of medical licensing and credentialing experience. We make things happen! So let Med Cred - Medical Licensing Services help you in all of your licensing needs.

Med Cred has many years in the Medical Licensing and credentialing service industry. We have been able to grow into an accomplished medical licensing company with all fifty Medical State boards. MedCred is a company with a comprehensive portfolio of medical physicians, osteopathic physicians, residents, physician assistants, ARPNs & other medical professionals. Not only do we have many years of experience assisting in the licensing process but our owner is a medical professional herself. She understands firsthand what a medical professional goes through on an annual basis in regards to licenses, registrations, continuing education and maintaining compliance with the state statutes.

It is Med Cred - Medical Licensing services belief that our clients want value for money and this is achieved, as MedCred Licensing services is the “cheapest, most affordable” Medical Licensing company out there, period! Med Cred -Medical Licensing services will go out of there way in taking the time to understand your needs which then allows us to have a mutually successful business relationship both now and for many years to come.

It is our belief that healthcare professionals want the best value for their money and we help them achieve this by offering the lowest prices for medical licensing. MedCred - Medical Licensing Services will go out of their way to understand your needs and develop a mutually successful business relationship for many years to come. It is our goal to help you keep up with the statutes and licensing requirements as well as the continuing education requirements for each state. Our dedicated staff keep you abreast of upcoming licensing renewals as well as afford you the ability to view your licenses - numbers, origination dates and expiration dates, quickly and at a glance on a secured website created just for the MedCred client member.

We take care of all past and present clients at no extra cost, and with no hidden fees! We do this with our state of the art monitoring system whereby you will be alerted as to when your license is coming due to renew. We are always available to assist you with any of your licensing needs. Our clients are free to reach us to get "Free medical license consultation" whenever needed. We expedite your Medical License filing needs in a fast timely manner so you then have the ability to focus on what is truly important, the patients and the practice of medicine.

Let Med Cred help you with your State Board Medical licensing and credentialing needs.

Don’t leave your professional future in the hands of just anyone. If personalized service is what you’re looking for, call our office..(1-765)-Med-Cred(633-2733)(googe voice) or (1-904)334-8444 today for your free initial consultation.
Or just fill out a the short form under the Contact US page with what services you want, then we can fill you in with the latest information on all the Medical board state-requirements.


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