North Carolina Medical License

North Carolina Medical Requirements
Medical Licence State Board Licence Application Fee Minimum Postgraduate
Training Required
Number of attempts at Licensing Examination Time Limit for Completing Licensing Examination Sequence Background/Fingerprint Fee
North Carolina $350.00 (non-refundable) 1 or 3 years IMG or FMG 3 attempts per USMLE Step; 3 attempts per COMLEX Level USMLE Step 3 shall be passed within seven years of the date of passing Step 1 OR within 10 years if the reason for the delay is based on applicant obtaining an MD/PhD degree $38.00 plus $20 for 2 F/B cards (non-refundable)

Med Cred - Medical Licensing Fees
Residents & Fellows $350
M.Ds & D.Os $400
D.E.A Licence... For us to process your D.E.A ( admin-application only) $50

Once s Licence Number has been given by the North Carolina Medical Board, Med Cred- Medical Licensing services can then process your D.E.A Licence for only $50 (admin only) D.E.A License cost $551 For More infomation please Contact US

Other Fees
- USMLE Transcripts $50 per 1-2 transcript requests
- Fingerprint cards $10
- NPDB and Health Integrity Reports $16
- AMA Reports $40 if you are not an AMA member (free if you are)
- Medical School Transcripts fees dependent on the school for the charge.
- Undergraduate School Transcripts fees dependent on the school for the charge
- Residency Verification dependent on the College of Medicine fees
- State Medical License Verification through VeriDoc $25-50 dependent on the
State’s charge
- DEA License (Controlled Substance License) $551 per state

Documents needed
2 X 2 passport photo (Recent)
Undergraduate Degree (copy)
Medical School Degree (copy) with English Translation when necessary
Residency certificate (copy)
Specialty Board certificates (copy)
DEA License from other states (copy)
Medical License from other states (copy)
Legal Name Change or Marriage cert (copy)
Passports (copy
Drivers License (copy)
Birth Certificate (copy)

Malpractice Info to include
Patient: First, Middle and Last name of Patient
Age of Patient
Date of Occurrence: MO/DA/YEAR
Location of incident : Site/Address/City
Position in Case: intern, resident, primary physician, other: ____
Filed against: individual physician, group, hospital
Listing of other physicians named in claim and/or other hospitals
disposition: pending, settled or dismissed with attached documents from the court
If settled: in court, out of court, date of settlement, amount of settlement, amount attributable to you
These must be true and like copies from the court.
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