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Michigan Medical Board /Michigan Board of Medicine

The Michigan Medical Board is the only State Medical Board which offers true reciprocity. All others offer what is called "endorsement". Endorsement is based on your examinations and active status with other State Medical Boards. With Endorsement, all credentials typically have to be re-verified. With Reciprocity, this is not the case. Reciprocity is offered by Michigan to any physician who has held a license to practice medicine for 10 or more years in the United States and Puerto Rico. They will only require the physician to verify all past and present Physician Medical Licenses.

The Michigan Medical Board does not have a 10 year rule concerning Board Examinations and Board Certification. This means that the SPEX requirement is not in effect. There is not a interview requirement as with other State Medical Boards. Michigan does not have a limit on the number of attempts concerning the USMLE. The Michigan Medical Board does not have a limit on the number of years to complete /pass all three steps of the USMLE. There is a 5 years rule that applies to passing the Step 3 only. A Physician has to pass the Step 3 of the USMLE within 5 years of the first attempt of the Step 3. The Michigan Board of Medicine does not offer a temporary license.

The only real issue with Michigan is that they have a very slow internal mail system. It takes 3 to 5 weeks for mail to be processed and placed in your file. This means that any verification sent to the Michigan Medical Board will not show in your file for 3 to 5 weeks after it is sent. This artificially delays the licensing process. Once the file is deemed complete, then the Michigan Medical Board issues the licenses right away if no problems persist.

Michigan Medical Board of Medicine - Medical Licence Requirements

Michigan State Minimum Postgraduate
Training Required
Number of attempts at Licensing Examination Time Limit for Completing Licensing Examination Sequence
Michigan Medical Board Licensure Fee for Professional license $150
Controlled substance license $85
The fee for both $235
2 yrs & 2 yrs for IMG/FMG No limit on USMLE on step 1 or 2 but step 3 USMLE must be passed witin 5yrs after step 2 /none (5 yrs to pass step 3)

Med Cred - Medical Licensing Fees
Residents & Fellows $350.00
M.Ds & D.Os $400.00
D.E.A License... (For us to process your D.E.A application only) $50.00

Once s License or a License Number has been given by the Michigan Medical Board, Med Cred Licensing service's can then help process your D.E.A License for only $50 (admin only) D.E.A License cost $551 For More information please Contact US
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