Alabama Medical License

Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners - Medical License requirements

Alabama Medical State Board Minimum Postgraduate
Training required
Number of attempts at Licensing Examination Time Limit for Completing Licensing Examination Sequence
Alabama Medical Board / Application packet $20/Application fee $175
Criminal Background check $65

1yr or 3 years IMG/FMG 3+ attempts at USMLE Step 3; 10 attempts at all USMLE Steps; No limit on COMLEX 7 years to successfully complete all USMLE Steps; No limit on COMLEX

Med Cred - Medical Licensing Fees

Residents & Fellows $350.00
M.Ds & D.Os $400.00
D.E.A License... (For us to process your D.E.A application only) $50.00

Once s License or a License Number has been given by the Alabama Medical Board, Med Cred Licensing services can then help you process your D.E.A License for only $50 (admin only) D.E.A License cost $551(3yrs) For More information please Contact US
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